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A new solarium, bedroom or half a new house--whatever your needs I can help you to realize the maximum potential of your home.

Building since 1970

Trained by master builders

Knowing precisely how a building goes together is a huge advantage to the client. Just changing the way the joists run can save thousands of dollars. I do the structural design for my buildings. That means the structure is designed the way a carpenter thinks. 

Designing quality custom homes since 1977

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There are few experiences in life more satisfying that building your own home. Design with me the home of your dreams with every detail customized to meet your individual needs. With over 39 years of design experience I know how to get you what you want in the budget you have to work with. Often projects run way over budget because the designer doesn't know costs. With my contracting experience your project will come in on the budget we set. 


Kitchens, bathrooms, redesign your interiors to match your dreams. We start by looking at dozens of examples drawn form a myriad of sources. When you find the style you like we design your interior to suit your custom needs.

My History

I took a part time job as a laborer in the summer of 1969. I was living in Minnesota and my friend's father was dying of cancer. He wanted to build his family a home before he died. We did a lot of the miscellaneous building: I dug the septic system by hand, we installed the ash paneling, we poured the stoops and painted. But the bulk of the work was done by a three man crew of old school Swedish American carpenters. They were amazing to watch. They worked like a fine watch works, barely speaking, they moved as a unit.

I decided that summer to become a carpenter. Moving to California I searched for a few years until I found a master builder who was willing to teach me the body of traditional carpentry knowledge that has been passed from master to apprentice for thousands of years. He had a group of master carpenters working for him, all men in their sixties. They built like the Swedes in Minnesotta: precise and efficient. After a couple of years I became the framing foreman, then as the master was retiring, I became a partner for two years. His name was Leonard English and he had been the largest contractor in the Monterey Bay area for some years in the early fifties. He knew everything about building. He was the best builder I have ever known. It is this building education that sets my work apart.

Most people these days are trained to design in a classroom. Some are self trained by self trained builders. Few have learned the art of design by putting the buildings together. I know every inch of the buildings I design, I know exactly how they go together in the smallest detail, and I know how to design them in the most cost effective manner--that saves my clients thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. I know because I have redesigned projects and reduced the cost by as much as thirty percent without changing the floor plan or the appearance of the building. 

I can design in any style and work closely with my clients so that the design is theirs as much as possible.